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Simple Myers-Briggs Test Thing!!

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality system that aims to classify peoples' natural strengths; to give a convenient label to the way in which their mind most easily functions. It doesn't describe you fully, nor is it about limiting you in any way.

It's really useful for finding people who think like you do, or for understanding why other people don't, and how best to treat them in a way that they prefer!
This is a simple test for getting an idea of your Myers-Briggs personality type. No test will ever be entirely accurate, and the only way to really know your type is to understand what each letter means... but maybe this will be entertaining anyway.

What you must do is select the best fit from one of each pair of boxes here. It's likely that both will fit you, but one will fit you more than the other. When one from each pair is selected, your type will appear at the bottom.

For the last four, you must also specify how closely that thing describes you. You can only select each importance 'rank' once.
While I can enjoy being around people, I need a lot of quiet time alone in order to recharge. While I can enjoy alone time, interacting with other people is what gives me energy.
I prefer fantasy and theoretical or abstract concepts over practical things. I prefer working with concrete, realistic information. I learn best by using my hands rather than just reading dry text in a book.
When making decisions, I listen more to my heart or gut feelings than impersonal facts. I feel more at ease working with subjective, fuzzy, people-related concepts like emotions, facial expressions, and preferences than with things like cold data. When making decisions, I look at the facts, data, and evidence to come to a conclusion. I feel more comfortable with objective things such as numbers, logic, or machines than with things like reading other peoples' subtle emotions.
I can be picky. I have a narrow idea of what I think is best. I try to find the one thing that best defines the big picture, to narrow down all of the details into one single point. People who can't decide which side they're on frustrate me. I can be indecisive. I've been struggling to decide on which of these pairs of things fit me best because I feel they all fit me. I enjoy finding novel connections between concepts, but not in a way that limits them.
Definitely Me Very Me Slightly Me Not Me
I have an excellent memory and I remember specific details, like what someone was wearing during a past event. I feel most comfortable doing things I've already done once before in the past; I'm not fond of new things or big changes. I care a lot about how I look, and about how others will see me. I enjoy the outdoors, and have an interest in things like sport or other physical activities. I love food and sex, but sometimes I can overindulge.
Definitely Me Very Me Slightly Me Not Me
I am deeply upset by things that aren't fair. I compare myself to others and wonder whether I'm good enough. I feel emotions strongly inside, but tend not to express them openly. I judge myself more than I judge others. I let people be as they are so then they'll let me stay as I am. I'm very open about my personal thoughts and feelings. I can come across as judgemental or gossipy because I always talk about what I like or hate. I have a very expressive face, and pick up on the emotions of other people very easily too; if they are happy, I am happy. If they are upset, I am upset too. Conflict is highly toxic to me.
Definitely Me Very Me Slightly Me Not Me
I analyse things in great detail, categorising and defining their individual elements, trying to iron out logical inconsistencies. I see the world in terms of ordered, impersonal systems. I want it - and the people in it - to work, to make sense. I give critique readily, but welcome it as well.
Definitely Me Very Me Slightly Me Not Me

Additional Questions

Some of your choices were contradictory, and your results are inconclusive as a result.

Please select which of these pairs of words fits you best! You'll likely find that for many of them, both words will apply to you, or maybe neither will; you have to choose the one you think fits you *better* than the other.
Sensitive Sensible
Tender Tough
Irrational Rational
Empathetic Logical
Compassionate Reasonable
Realistic Imaginative
Practical Conceptual
Familiar Original
Experience Theory
Concrete Abstract

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