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Personality Tests!

No personality type website would be complete without tests, right? They're quick, they're fun, and they give you an easy shortcut to finding your type(s).

Please read this first!

Before you do any of these tests, you must understand:

Your type is not determined by a test! The test merely gives you an idea of what your type *might* be. The only way to truly know your type is to understand the personality system on a conceptual level, and to understand yourself in general, big-picture terms.

The rest of the pages on this site attempt to explain the basics of each personality model in such a way that you'd be able to work out your type without a test. I know it's harder that way, but it really is the only way to know for sure what type you are.

For example, just because a Myers-Briggs test gives you INTJ doesn't make you INTJ; it just means that the way you answered the questions made that particular test give that result. If one test gives you ISTJ and another gives ESFP, it doesn't mean you're unable to be typed; it probably means that you're not thinking generally enough, or that the human-made tests you're doing were written in such a way that it made more sense to the author than to you. They're usually written by people who expect people to interpret each question in a certain way, but if you don't know what that certain way is, your results are likely to be inaccurate.

Please keep in mind that for any personality types, you have to answer based on how you usually are, or how you think other people might see you, rather than how you're feeling on that particular day. Remember, types don't change; they describe a journey and a large area to change around in, but they do not change from day to day.

Now that that's all said, you might find the following tests interesting!